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OH House is in Regular Session. MA is in Informal Session. There are no states in Special Session. [more]

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12/30/2014 Iowa Special Election
Senate District 12

01/06/2015 Georgia Special Election
House Districts 50 and 120

01/06/2015 Iowa Special Election
House District 4


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States have generally bounced back from the Great Recession, but slower growth and big time fiscal obligations present major challenges to come. [more]

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bullet In the Hopper

State Net tracks tens of thousands of bills in all 50 states, US Congress, and the District of Columbia, at any given time. Here's a snapshot of what's in the legislative works:

* 2014 Prefiles last week: 128

* 2015 Prefiles last week: 2,159

* Intros last week: 412

* Enacted/Adopted last week: 174

* 2014 Prefiles to date: 22,830

* 2015 Prefiles to date: 10,729

* 2014 Intros to date: 86,567

* 2013 Session Enacted/Adopted overall to date: 40,747
* 2014 Session Enacted/Adopted overall to date: 28,574

* bills currently in State Net Database: 92,798

(Measures current as of 12/17/2014)