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State Net's editorial staff provides an overview of issues, decisions, scandals and politics from all 50 states. Written in a breezy yet informative style, State Net Capitol Journal features sections on Hot Issues, Budgets, Governors, Legislatures, and Elections - to name but a few. Each edition features a map or chart showing how the 50 states compare on specific issues, as well as in-depth coverage of important trends. When you are pressed for time, Capital Journal delivers an intelligent overview of the states.

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2015 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
March 02, 2015 Vaccination legislation Vaccination states HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 16, 2015 State immigration action State immigration laws HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 09, 2015 The Internet of Things Black box laws HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 02, 2015 State aid-in-dying bills Aid-in-dying bills HTML TEXT PDF
January 19, 2015 Party divide State govt control HTML TEXT PDF
January 12, 2015 CA green agenda Job creation HTML TEXT PDF
2014 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 22, 2014 States' slow growth Healthiest states HTML TEXT PDF
December 15, 2014 2015 Preview II Online sales tax HTML TEXT PDF
December 08, 2014 2015 Preview I Fracking bills HTML TEXT PDF
November 24, 2014 Wage theft Wage theft laws HTML TEXT PDF
November 17, 2014 Mid-Terms Ballot measures HTML TEXT PDF
November 10, 2014 2014 state elections Staehouse partisanship HTML TEXT PDF
November 03, 2014 2014 Local Initiatives Local fracking measures HTML TEXT PDF
October 20, 2014 2014 state elections Legislative races HTML TEXT PDF
October 13, 2014 Same-sex marriage rulings Same-sex marriage HTML TEXT PDF
October 06, 2014 2014 Ballot measures Legalizing marijuana HTML TEXT PDF
September 29, 2014 CA Proposition 45 Health insurance rate regulation HTML TEXT PDF
September 15, 2014 Common Core Common Core HTML TEXT PDF
September 08, 2014 Business tax incentives State tax proposals HTML TEXT PDF
September 01, 2014 End of CA session Plastic bag legislation HTML TEXT PDF
August 18, 2014 Immigration reform Immigration HTML TEXT PDF
August 11, 2014 California legislation State tourism HTML TEXT PDF
August 04, 2014 States slowly adopting laws to ease ex-felons' path to employment Ban the box HTML TEXT PDF
July 21, 2014 State renewable energy mandates Energy production HTML TEXT PDF
July 14, 2014 Mid-Year Review II Transporation funding HTML TEXT PDF
July 07, 2014 2014 mid-year review E-cigarette bills HTML TEXT PDF
June 23, 2014 With DC in gridlock, states step up Statehouse elections HTML TEXT PDF
June 16, 2014 Film production tax credits Film tax credits HTML TEXT PDF
June 09, 2014 Millennial lawmakers II Student loan debt HTML TEXT PDF
June 02, 2014 Millennial lawmakers Millennials in the statehouses HTML TEXT PDF
May 19, 2014 State Voter ID laws Voter ID laws HTML TEXT PDF
May 12, 2014 State laws on Tesla sales States and Tesla HTML TEXT PDF
May 05, 2014 Data breach and creadit card fraud Data breaches HTML TEXT PDF
April 21, 2014 ACA update State health exchanges HTML TEXT PDF
April 14, 2014 Bitcoin regulation Bitcoin ATMs HTML TEXT PDF
April 07, 2014 Patent infringement State bad faith patent infringement bills HTML TEXT PDF
March 24, 2014 Immigration reform Immigration reform HTML TEXT PDF
March 17, 2014 Human trafficking safe harbor laws Safe harbor laws HTML TEXT PDF
March 10, 2014 Peer-to-peer industries Ridesharing HTML TEXT PDF
March 03, 2014 Heroin bills Heroin measures HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 17, 2014 CA pension reform pension funding HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 10, 2014 The 2014 Farm Bill State drone sites HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 03, 2014 E-cigarette legislation E-cigarette bills HTML TEXT PDF
January 20, 2014 Obamacare in an election year State health rankings HTML TEXT PDF
January 13, 2014 CA cap-and-trade program Abortion restrictions HTML TEXT PDF
2013 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 23, 2013 2013 in Review Mental health funding HTML TEXT PDF
December 16, 2013 2014 Preview II Expriring tax deductions HTML TEXT PDF
December 09, 2013 2014 Preview, Part I Internet retail HTML TEXT PDF
November 25, 2013 The state of health reform Health care enrollment HTML TEXT PDF
November 18, 2013 Naftional Flood Insurance Program changes Eating roaadkill HTML TEXT PDF
November 11, 2013 GMO votes in HI and WA Gay marriage laws HTML TEXT PDF
November 04, 2013 Election preview Election preview HTML TEXT PDF
October 21, 2013 States' immigration reform Federal govt shutdown HTML TEXT PDF
October 14, 2013 2013 Ballot measures Marijuana legislation HTML TEXT PDF
October 07, 2013 Fracking debate Federal funding HTML TEXT PDF
September 23, 2013 ACA implementation Minimum wage hikes HTML TEXT PDF
September 16, 2013 California prisons Economic recovery HTML TEXT PDF
September 09, 2013 Sequester cuts States' federal funding HTML TEXT PDF
September 02, 2013 California prisons Obesity issues HTML TEXT PDF
August 19, 2013 City and state government pension problems Scope of practice HTML TEXT PDF
August 12, 2013 Mid-year review Health exchanges HTML TEXT PDF
August 05, 2013 California prison overcrowding Abortion HTML TEXT PDF
July 22, 2013 Supreme Court rulings revisited Stand your ground laws HTML TEXT PDF
July 15, 2013 Employer mandate delay State sin taxes HTML TEXT PDF
July 08, 2013 GMO labeling legislation Same-sex marriage HTML TEXT PDF
July 01, 2013 SCOTUS rulings Voting rights act HTML TEXT PDF
June 17, 2013 Federal immigration reform State immigrant populations HTML TEXT PDF
June 10, 2013 Federal disaster spending Federal disaster spending HTML TEXT PDF
June 03, 2013 Social media passwords in the workplace Social media bills HTML TEXT PDF
May 20, 2013 Marketplace Fairness and WRDA Online sales tax HTML TEXT PDF
May 13, 2013 Health care reform Medicaid expansion HTML TEXT PDF
May 06, 2013 Patient dumping Mental patient dumping HTML TEXT PDF
April 22, 2013 Laboratories of democracy State tax policies HTML TEXT PDF
April 15, 2013 State gasoline taxes Gasoline taxes HTML TEXT PDF
April 08, 2013 Medical scope of practice legislation Nurse practitioners' scope of practice HTML TEXT PDF
April 01, 2013 Same-sex marriage at the SCOTUS Unemployment HTML TEXT PDF
March 18, 2013 Govs buck parties on pensions and Medicaid Government transparency HTML TEXT PDF
March 11, 2013 Amazon tax update Amazon tax states HTML TEXT PDF
March 04, 2013 Sequestration Cuts Sequestration Cuts impact HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 18, 2013 Unions Unions HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 11, 2013 Money talks as states struggle to expand Medicaid Medicaid HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 04, 2013 SNCJ Q&A with Connie Conway Job market HTML TEXT PDF
January 21, 2013 Gun control Gun control HTML TEXT PDF
January 14, 2013 Fiscal update Fiscal update HTML TEXT PDF
2012 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 17, 2012 2013 Preview III Health benefits exchanges HTML TEXT PDF
December 10, 2012 2013 Preview II State innovation HTML TEXT PDF
December 03, 2012 2013 Preview I Graduation rates HTML TEXT PDF
November 19, 2012 ACA implementation Health benefits exchanges HTML TEXT PDF
November 12, 2012 2012 Election wrap Chamber shifts HTML TEXT PDF
November 05, 2012 2012 Elections Hurricane Sandy HTML TEXT PDF
October 22, 2012 2012 State Legislative elections Elections HTML TEXT PDF
October 15, 2012 2012 Ballot measures Ballot measures HTML TEXT PDF
October 08, 2012 Essential health benefits ACA essential health benefits HTML TEXT PDF
October 01, 2012 U.S. obesity U.S.obesity HTML TEXT PDF
September 17, 2012 Health reform World economy HTML TEXT PDF
September 10, 2012 Voter ID Job loss HTML TEXT PDF
September 03, 2012 CA Pension Reform Voter registration HTML TEXT PDF
August 20, 2012 Election Preview Fat states HTML TEXT PDF
August 13, 2012 Slow year for immigration legislation Immigration HTML TEXT PDF
August 06, 2012 CA's high-risk, high-reward agenda Medicaid HTML TEXT PDF
July 23, 2012 Pension reform Healthy states HTML TEXT PDF
July 16, 2012 Mid Year Review II Pension reform HTML TEXT PDF
July 09, 2012 Mid-Year Review Fireworks HTML TEXT PDF
July 02, 2012 SCOTUS health care and immigration rulings Immigration ruling HTML TEXT PDF
June 18, 2012 Private sector pensions Economic mobility HTML TEXT PDF
June 11, 2012 Social media password protection Recall elections HTML TEXT PDF
June 04, 2012 Neovouchers Unemployment HTML TEXT PDF
May 21, 2012 2012 Elections State gaming revenue HTML TEXT PDF
May 14, 2012 Unions turning to GOP Welfare drug testing HTML TEXT PDF
May 07, 2012 The Amazon Tax Amazon tax states HTML TEXT PDF
April 23, 2012 PIT holdings Personal income taxes HTML TEXT PDF
April 16, 2012 CA's struggles State foreclosure rates HTML TEXT PDF
April 09, 2012 ACA ruling Health insurance coverage HTML TEXT PDF
April 02, 2012 Right to work laws Right to Work HTML TEXT PDF
March 19, 2012 Health reform debate Construction jobs HTML TEXT PDF
March 12, 2012 State economics Voter ID HTML TEXT PDF
March 05, 2012 Refinance market Foreclosures HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 20, 2012 2012 Elections Soda taxes HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 13, 2012 Unemployment discrimination party affiliations HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 06, 2012 Redistricting Health reform HTML TEXT PDF
January 23, 2012 Supreme Court decisions 2012 State lotteries HTML TEXT PDF
January 16, 2012 Gov agendas 2012 Unemployment HTML TEXT PDF
January 09, 2012 2012 Preview III Child poverty HTML TEXT PDF
2011 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 19, 2011 2012 Preview II Voting laws HTML TEXT PDF
December 05, 2011 2012 Preview State spending HTML TEXT PDF
November 21, 2011 States struggle to aid the poor States' fiscal recovery HTML TEXT PDF
November 14, 2011 Fall elections Fall elections HTML TEXT PDF
November 07, 2011 ACA at the Supreme Court Anti-ACA measures HTML TEXT PDF
October 24, 2011 Fall elections Minimun wage changes HTML TEXT PDF
October 17, 2011 Welfare Drug Testing Toll roads HTML TEXT PDF
October 10, 2011 States in recession States in recession HTML TEXT PDF
October 03, 2011 NCLB Reform NCLB Reform HTML TEXT PDF
September 19, 2011 GOP Control Student loans HTML TEXT PDF
September 12, 2011 Obama jobs plan Unemployment insurance HTML TEXT PDF
September 06, 2011 Irene response Irene precautions HTML TEXT PDF
August 22, 2011 State immigration reform State budgets HTML TEXT PDF
August 15, 2011 Federal credit rating downgrade Federal credit rating comparison to states HTML TEXT PDF
August 08, 2011 Debt Ceiling resolution Debt ceiling funding HTML TEXT PDF
August 01, 2011 States prepare for federal default Reduced stimulus Medicaid funding HTML TEXT PDF
July 18, 2011 Redistricting Fattest states HTML TEXT PDF
July 11, 2011 Voter ID Federal funding to states HTML TEXT PDF
July 04, 2011 Synthetic pot and bath salts Synthetic drug legislation HTML TEXT PDF
June 20, 2011 Sentencing Reform Lawmakers' education HTML TEXT PDF
June 13, 2011 Whoopie pie, NASCAR and onions Health care reform opposition HTML TEXT PDF
June 06, 2011 Cutting state business taxes State tax ratings HTML TEXT PDF
May 23, 2011 Brown and Cuomo Party affiliation HTML TEXT PDF
May 16, 2011 Immigration Update Immigration bills HTML TEXT PDF
May 09, 2011 Medical marijuana crackdown Declining population HTML TEXT PDF
May 02, 2011 Ohio economic development Pensions HTML TEXT PDF
April 18, 2011 Health care reform 2011 Redistricting HTML TEXT PDF
April 11, 2011 Cap-and-trade bills State tax rates HTML TEXT PDF
April 04, 2011 Nuclear energy U.S. nuclear plants HTML TEXT PDF
March 21, 2011 Public employee pensions Hispanic population growth HTML TEXT PDF
March 14, 2011 Hollywood tax credits Real ID HTML TEXT PDF
March 07, 2011 Collective bargaining fight State collective bargaining HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 21, 2011 medicaid funding Health care HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 14, 2011 State mental health funding Unemployment benefits HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 07, 2011 State bankruptcy Changing demogrpahics HTML TEXT PDF
January 24, 2011 Reagan and Brown States vs. world economies HTML TEXT PDF
January 17, 2011 State worker pension reform Pension reform HTML TEXT PDF
January 10, 2011 2011 new laws Congressional seats HTML TEXT PDF
2010 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 20, 2010 Legislative preview Best and worst states for retirees HTML TEXT PDF
December 13, 2010 2011 preview State health rankings HTML TEXT PDF
December 06, 2010 Improving tax revenues State tax revenues HTML TEXT PDF
November 22, 2010 Feds and states ban boozy coffee drinks Gov no tax hikes HTML TEXT PDF
November 15, 2010 Dem gov challenges 2011 Redistricting HTML TEXT PDF
November 08, 2010 2010 Election wrap Mid-term elections HTML TEXT PDF
November 01, 2010 Election 2010 Election 2010 HTML TEXT PDF
October 18, 2010 2010 Ballot Measures II Ballot measures HTML TEXT PDF
October 11, 2010 2010 Ballot Measures State gun laws HTML TEXT PDF
October 04, 2010 Recall fever Bank failures HTML TEXT PDF
September 20, 2010 Economic recovery Student loans HTML TEXT PDF
September 13, 2010 E-cigarettes States' economic stress HTML TEXT PDF
September 06, 2010 VA computer crash Online job searches HTML TEXT PDF
August 23, 2010 Republicans rising Credit card debt by state HTML TEXT PDF
August 16, 2010 Human trafficking Human trafficking legislation HTML TEXT PDF
August 09, 2010 Budget preview Budget review HTML TEXT PDF
July 26, 2010 Medicaid funding Unemployment figures HTML TEXT PDF
July 19, 2010 CA AB 32 ballot battle Best business states HTML TEXT PDF
July 12, 2010 Budget stress on state capitals State budgets HTML TEXT PDF
July 05, 2010 Federal medicaid funds Obesity in America HTML TEXT PDF
June 21, 2010 Term limits impact on budgets term limits HTML TEXT PDF
June 14, 2010 GOP women Primary elections HTML TEXT PDF
June 07, 2010 Exhange opt-out legislation Tax refunds HTML TEXT PDF
May 24, 2010 AZ immigratin bill Mid-term elections HTML TEXT PDF
May 17, 2010 Gulf oil spill reaction State budgets HTML TEXT PDF
May 10, 2010 High risk insurance pools High risk insurance pools HTML TEXT PDF
May 03, 2010 AZ immigration law immigration decline HTML TEXT PDF
April 19, 2010 Impact of health reform on state budgets Medicaid growth HTML TEXT PDF
April 12, 2010 Puppy mill legislation pesonal income levels decline HTML TEXT PDF
April 05, 2010 Health reform and the states Health reform HTML TEXT PDF
March 22, 2010 Economic recovery State gambling revenue HTML TEXT PDF
March 15, 2010 Legalizing marijuana federal education grants HTML TEXT PDF
March 08, 2010 Pre-employment credit screening Pre-employment screening HTML TEXT PDF
March 01, 2010 State pension reform efforts Unfunded pensions HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 15, 2010 Health care reform interview State animal protection laws HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 08, 2010 Hawaii School Furlough Fridays job creation HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 01, 2010 Disaster planning State election finance HTML TEXT PDF
January 18, 2010 Govs' 2010 State of the State addresses State traffic safety HTML TEXT PDF
January 11, 2010 Interview Demographic shifts HTML TEXT PDF
2009 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 21, 2009 Govs seeking old jobs Budgets HTML TEXT PDF
December 14, 2009 2010 Preview, Part II Prison population HTML TEXT PDF
December 07, 2009 2010 Preview I State employee cuts HTML TEXT PDF
November 23, 2009 Health care reform Campaign Contributions HTML TEXT PDF
November 16, 2009 States seek federal education funds Stimulus benefits HTML TEXT PDF
November 09, 2009 Election results Economic recovery HTML TEXT PDF
November 02, 2009 2009 Ballot proposals tax amnesty HTML TEXT PDF
October 19, 2009 State gubernatoria elections Tax revenue resources HTML TEXT PDF
October 12, 2009 Campaign Finance pay-to-play HTML TEXT PDF
October 05, 2009 State water issues Deer-car crashes HTML TEXT PDF
September 21, 2009 Universal health care Gov employment HTML TEXT PDF
September 14, 2009 Federal welfare aid unclaimed Gallup poll HTML TEXT PDF
September 07, 2009 Gobal warming Legislators full time HTML TEXT PDF
August 24, 2009 Budgets 2011 Three-feet laws HTML TEXT PDF
August 17, 2009 Budget litigation States vary on lawmaker disclosure. HTML TEXT PDF
August 10, 2009 Social networking for lawmakers Lawmakers' second jobs HTML TEXT PDF
August 03, 2009 New Jersey corruption bust Guns-on-campus legislation HTML TEXT PDF
July 20, 2009 Federal health care plan State obesity HTML TEXT PDF
July 13, 2009 Adultescence budget deficits HTML TEXT PDF
July 06, 2009 Tobacco taxes Tobacco taxes HTML TEXT PDF
June 22, 2009 Cannon - States recovery Children's hunger HTML TEXT PDF
June 15, 2009 National academic standards graduation rates HTML TEXT PDF
June 08, 2009 States face future budget holes Economic recovery HTML TEXT PDF
June 01, 2009 Curbing federal preemption States eye gambling dollars HTML TEXT PDF
May 18, 2009 California Budget Woes Large variation among states in aid to needy HTML TEXT PDF
May 11, 2009 States seek help sorting out stimulus "Stimulus czars" on the rise HTML TEXT PDF
May 04, 2009 Swine Flu Taxes and fees on rise in states HTML TEXT PDF
April 20, 2009 Cannon - GOP comeback? Tobacco taxes HTML TEXT PDF
April 13, 2009 Same-sex marriage Fiscally happiest states HTML TEXT PDF
April 06, 2009 Tax the rich States' congressional clout HTML TEXT PDF
March 23, 2009 Cannon - struggling with the stimulus State competitiveness HTML TEXT PDF
March 16, 2009 Stimulus conflict Foreclosure HTML TEXT PDF
March 09, 2009 Health insurance rescission Corrections spending HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 23, 2009 Cannon - reforming CA Teen birth rate HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 16, 2009 Credit scoring Interstate migration HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 09, 2009 Stimulus - govs debate Joblessness HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 02, 2009 Stimulus Tax hikes HTML TEXT PDF
January 19, 2009 Cannon - global economy Recession forecast HTML TEXT PDF
January 12, 2009 Gov facing turmoil State corruption HTML TEXT PDF
2008 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 22, 2008 Cannon - save our states Budget gaps HTML TEXT PDF
December 15, 2008 2009 preview, part II Disaster preparedness HTML TEXT PDF
December 08, 2008 2009 preview, part I Transportation HTML TEXT PDF
November 24, 2008 Hospital errors Sales tax skimming HTML TEXT PDF
November 17, 2008 Cannon - federal stimulus Recession HTML TEXT PDF
November 10, 2008 Potomac fever Statehouse control HTML TEXT PDF
November 03, 2008 Gay marriage Good government HTML TEXT PDF
October 20, 2008 Cannon - election 2008 Ballot measures HTML TEXT PDF
October 13, 2008 Immigration - Congress v. states State economies HTML TEXT PDF
October 06, 2008 Wall St. collapse Campaign finance information HTML TEXT PDF
September 22, 2008 The turning of the tide State legislatures poised for partisan shift HTML TEXT PDF
September 15, 2008 The turning of the tide State legislatures poised for partisan shift HTML TEXT PDF
September 08, 2008 Presidential election and the states 2008 electoral map HTML TEXT PDF
September 01, 2008 Tax revolt? National speed limit HTML TEXT PDF
August 18, 2008 Cannon - political math State highway rankings HTML TEXT PDF
August 11, 2008 Budget questions Budget gaps by state HTML TEXT PDF
August 04, 2008 Caring for autism Genetic privacy HTML TEXT PDF
July 21, 2008 California dreaming States adopt Amber Alert systems for missing seniors HTML TEXT PDF
July 14, 2008 California troubles States doing business with Iran HTML TEXT PDF
July 07, 2008 Paid sick leave Highway deaths HTML TEXT PDF
June 30, 2008 Cannon - elections Child health care access HTML TEXT PDF
June 16, 2008 Gay marriage Journalist shield laws HTML TEXT PDF
June 09, 2008 Plastic bag bills Drivers tests HTML TEXT PDF
June 02, 2008 State gambling revenue Racetrack casinos HTML TEXT PDF
May 19, 2008 Cannon - the real cost of leadership Voter ID HTML TEXT PDF
May 12, 2008 Gas prices Gas tax holiday HTML TEXT PDF
May 05, 2008 Toxic chemicals Child well being HTML TEXT PDF
April 21, 2008 Cannon - economic slowdown Seat belt laws HTML TEXT PDF
April 14, 2008 Family leave Lethal injection HTML TEXT PDF
April 07, 2008 Viaticals Carnival ride age limits HTML TEXT PDF
March 31, 2008 Pharmaceutical gifts to lawmakers Doctor apologies HTML TEXT PDF
March 17, 2008 Cannon - immigration State management report card HTML TEXT PDF
March 10, 2008 State bond ratings State worker health costs HTML TEXT PDF
March 03, 2008 Guns on campus cyberbullies HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 18, 2008 Cannon - states v. feds Bankruptcy HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 11, 2008 Immigration - Employer sanctions Vanity plates HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 04, 2008 In-store clinics: the future of health care? States' public education making the grade... barely HTML TEXT PDF
January 21, 2008 Underage drinking Drunk driving HTML TEXT PDF
January 14, 2008 Cannon - Winds of change Gov endorsements HTML TEXT PDF
2007 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 24, 2007 2008 preview, part II Health emergencies HTML TEXT PDF
December 17, 2007 2008 preview, part I Female legislators HTML TEXT PDF
December 10, 2007 Abortion debate State mental health HTML TEXT PDF
December 03, 2007 Guns 7 mental health Animal cruelty HTML TEXT PDF
November 19, 2007 Immigration - AZ, OK laws Healthiest states HTML TEXT PDF
November 12, 2007 Election wrap Best business states HTML TEXT PDF
November 05, 2007 Southeast water wars Child health HTML TEXT PDF
October 29, 2007 Ballot measures Greenest states HTML TEXT PDF
October 15, 2007 Scrap metal Foreclosures HTML TEXT PDF
October 08, 2007 SCHIP debate Employee misclassification HTML TEXT PDF
October 01, 2007 U.S. Supreme Court rulings Auto insurance HTML TEXT PDF
September 17, 2007 Gambling casino revenue Urban gridlock HTML TEXT PDF
September 10, 2007 Subprime fallout Fire safe cigarettes HTML TEXT PDF
September 03, 2007 Gulf Coast communities still awaiting Katrina relief Many states still facing weight problem HTML TEXT PDF
August 20, 2007 Infrastructure Foreclosure HTML TEXT PDF
August 13, 2007 -- -- HTML TEXT PDF
August 06, 2007 Hot issues update Traffic deaths HTML TEXT PDF
July 23, 2007 Animal evacuation Pet protection HTML TEXT PDF
July 16, 2007 States clamping down on payday lenders States get tough on payday lenders HTML TEXT PDF
July 09, 2007 Flag legislation Health care HTML TEXT PDF
July 02, 2007 Credit scoring Credit scoring HTML TEXT PDF
June 18, 2007 Immigration - illegal workers Energy efficiency HTML TEXT PDF
June 11, 2007 State budgets Recycling plastic bags HTML TEXT PDF
June 04, 2007 Property tax relief Best and worst drivers HTML TEXT PDF
May 21, 2007 Data security Robocalls HTML TEXT PDF
May 14, 2007 HPV legislation Mental healt info HTML TEXT PDF
May 07, 2007 College loan scandal Mercury standards HTML TEXT PDF
April 23, 2007 Abortion ruling Smoking in cars with kids HTML TEXT PDF
April 16, 2007 Ethanol Math standards HTML TEXT PDF
April 09, 2007 Greenhouse gas emissions Statehouse reporters HTML TEXT PDF
April 02, 2007 Sudan divestment Generic drugs HTML TEXT PDF
March 19, 2007 Sunshine laws SCHIP HTML TEXT PDF
March 12, 2007 Real ID - new fed regs Death penalty HTML TEXT PDF
March 05, 2007 Primary elections Moving pres primary HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 19, 2007 Real ID - state resolutions Real ID HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 12, 2007 HPV mandate HPV legislation HTML TEXT PDF
2006 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 04, 2006 Issues 2007: States hit road less traveled for highway funds Gas taxes not all created equal HTML TEXT PDF
November 20, 2006 Now the hard part begins A taxing climate HTML TEXT PDF
November 13, 2006 State Dems ride wave of voter discontent Drawing the maps HTML TEXT PDF
November 06, 2006 -- -- HTML TEXT PDF
October 23, 2006 Issues 2007: Will public retiree healthcare devour budgets? Use a gun, lose the vote? HTML TEXT PDF
October 16, 2006 PROPERTY RIGHTS BACKLASH OUT WEST Ranks of the uninsured hit record high HTML TEXT
October 09, 2006 New pretexting laws only part of bigger privacy picture Preventing pretexting HTML TEXT PDF
October 02, 2006 Special interests playing politics with the judiciary Judging the judges HTML TEXT PDF
September 18, 2006 The gathering storm Big Changes Coming? HTML TEXT PDF
September 11, 2006 Term limit turmoil The ebb and flow of term limits HTML TEXT PDF
August 21, 2006 States' fiscal health even better than expected Transportation for the long haul HTML TEXT PDF
August 14, 2006 Governors growing increasingly frustrated with feds More states say, "English Only" HTML TEXT PDF
July 31, 2006 States scoring few points in battle against violent video games States battle violent video games HTML TEXT PDF
July 17, 2006 Line hardens on illegal immigration in COLORADO and across the nation Tough times for unions HTML TEXT PDF
July 10, 2006 The revolt of the states More states ponder gay marriage amendment HTML TEXT PDF
July 03, 2006 The revolt of the states Changing eminent domain HTML TEXT PDF
June 19, 2006 States taking on minimum wage issue States hiking minimum wage HTML TEXT PDF
June 12, 2006 Perry launching TEXAS border webcams States block insurance restrictions on foreign travel HTML TEXT PDF
June 05, 2006 Insurance industry sweating global warming States explore impeachment HTML TEXT PDF
May 22, 2006 Fair share bills: in with a bang, out with a whimper States lose federal aid over No Child Left Behind failings HTML TEXT PDF
May 15, 2006 Spotlight updates: Bad medicine and LOUISIANA politics States burying funeral protests HTML TEXT PDF
May 08, 2006 Legislative issues of the year -- so far Congressional pork has states living high on the hog HTML TEXT PDF
May 01, 2006 Lou Cannon: Experiments in Democracy More states allowing residents to stand their ground HTML TEXT PDF
April 17, 2006 Issues 2006: Will states take a bite out of dog liability? States ponder 65 percent solution for classrooms HTML TEXT PDF
April 10, 2006 In depth with: NY Sen. Michael Balboni Dawn of the morning after pill HTML TEXT PDF
April 03, 2006 Avian flu: experts debate, states prepare More states consider in-state tuition for illegals HTML TEXT PDF
March 20, 2006 Utilities evading income taxes States ponder right to work HTML TEXT PDF
March 13, 2006 States Lining Up To Copy South Dakota Abortion Ban State efforts vary in preventing unwanted pregnancies HTML TEXT PDF
March 06, 2006 Frustration spurs tougher state stance on immigration States target employers in battle over illegals HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 20, 2006 States reveal hospitals' dirty little secrets States, Congress debate immigration solutions HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 13, 2006 States moving fast to stop funeral protests Minimum wage on the rise HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 06, 2006 Issues 2006: Straight to video? The growing income gap HTML TEXT PDF
January 23, 2006 Assisted suicide & Wal-Mart: Will more states follow suit? States bear brunt of federal Medicare prescription makeover HTML TEXT PDF
January 16, 2006 Last year's headlines this session's priorities State embryonic stem cell laws HTML TEXT PDF
January 09, 2006 In depth with: WASHINGTON Gov. Christine Gregoire Western states most physically active HTML TEXT PDF
2005 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 19, 2005 In depth with: Matthew Bettenhausen States get mixed grades on science standards HTML TEXT PDF
December 12, 2005 Issues 2006: Bear of a problem Tobacco funds going up in smoke? HTML TEXT PDF
December 05, 2005 Fiscal prognosis for states cautiously optimistic State rainy day funds making a comeback HTML TEXT PDF
November 21, 2005 Issues 2006: Slowing the Revolving Door Hunger a growing problem in many states HTML TEXT PDF
November 14, 2005 Voters not too agreeable in most state ballot races Not all states equal in campaign finance disclosure HTML TEXT PDF
November 07, 2005 Voters Settle States' Political Disputes Some states better to work in than others HTML TEXT PDF
October 31, 2005 Govs loom large as CA, OH seek redistricting changes Letters indicate special/extraordinary sessions HTML TEXT PDF
October 24, 2005 Test scores show mixed results for NCLB Chronic diseases are the nation's biggest killers HTML TEXT PDF
October 10, 2005 Hurricanes may change LA politics Letters indicate special/extraordinary sessions HTML TEXT PDF
October 03, 2005 Global warming heats up insurance industry More states adding high school exit exam HTML TEXT PDF
September 26, 2005 Evolution debate nothing new for states The 411 on dubious 9/11 loans HTML TEXT PDF
September 12, 2005 States struggle with second flood - evacuees Obesity epidemic weighs heavy on economy HTML TEXT PDF
September 05, 2005 What will REAL ID really cost? The high cost of being a citizen soldier HTML TEXT PDF
August 29, 2005 In depth with: OKLAHOMA Rep. John Nance Majority-minority states on the rise HTML TEXT PDF
August 15, 2005 Legislation update: Fighting meth by cutting access to cold meds The partisan divide HTML TEXT PDF
August 08, 2005 Brewing taxpayer rebellion could hinge on pair of western states States competing for retiring baby boomers HTML TEXT PDF
August 01, 2005 Public pensions, public problems States link up to stop sex offenders HTML TEXT PDF
July 18, 2005 Changes imminent for eminent domain Controlling eminent domain HTML TEXT PDF
July 11, 2005 States still battling D.C. over medical pot...& more Medical pot states still growing HTML TEXT PDF
July 04, 2005 RFID: Big Brother in your pants? States still thin on obesity legislation HTML TEXT PDF
June 20, 2005 Communities duel with telcos over WiMAX The Week in Session HTML TEXT PDF
June 13, 2005 States rebel against No Child Left Behind States give No Child Left Behind a failing grade HTML TEXT PDF
June 06, 2005 States, students getting wise to credit pros and cons States challenge new mercury rules HTML TEXT PDF
May 23, 2005 America's electorate in shades of red and blue Bringing up the bottom HTML TEXT PDF
May 16, 2005 California emissions laws speed toward rest of the country States take aim at Internet hunting HTML TEXT PDF
May 09, 2005 Gregoire, Schwarzenegger living reversal of fortune State tax ratings in HTML TEXT PDF
May 02, 2005 States battle to keep control of insurance industry Retirement off limits in bankruptcy HTML TEXT PDF
April 18, 2005 States betwixt on sales tax project Taxation made easy? HTML TEXT PDF
April 11, 2005 States lead battle against youthful steroid abuse BLAGOJEVICH TO PHARMACISTS - JUST FILL IT: HTML TEXT PDF
April 04, 2005 Lawmakers debate pharmacist conscience laws The right to say no HTML TEXT PDF
March 28, 2005 Courts reject Bush attempts to influence Schiavo custody The state of the statehouse, 2005 HTML TEXT PDF
March 21, 2005 States ponder legislating "intellectual diversity" Litigation environment not the same in all states HTML TEXT PDF
March 14, 2005 States combat new identity theft threat -- HTML TEXT PDF
March 07, 2005 States taking gay marriage battle to the classroom Committing to tougher academic standards HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 28, 2005 Oregon battles feds to keep right to die law States pump up tax revenue HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 21, 2005 Green Legislation Getting the Greenlight States gone green HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 14, 2005 States raise stakes for just saying no to sobriety test An offer they can't refuse HTML TEXT PDF
Febrary 07, 2005 Restricting cold medicine new weapon in states' war on meth Stopping meth where it starts HTML TEXT PDF
January 31, 2005 Schwarzenegger eager to reshape CA Legislature Voters still love term limits HTML TEXT PDF
January 24, 2005 Governors team up to fight potential cuts Most state math & English standards not making the grade HTML TEXT PDF
January 17, 2005 States trying to fend off CA's stem cell push A taxing proposition HTML TEXT PDF
January 10, 2005 Washington governor's race likely headed to court -- HTML TEXT PDF
2004 ^ top
Issue Date Lead Story Bird's Eye View Download
December 27, 2004 States win, lose big in 2005 homeland security funding Are states ready for bioterror threat? HTML TEXT PDF
December 20, 2004 State budget forecast: partly sunny with chance of thunderstorms States slowly closing budget gaps HTML TEXT PDF
December 13, 2004 Ridin' with a tax collector onboard Bay State most competitive? HTML TEXT PDF
December 06, 2004 Schwarzenegger, Granholm inspire call to amend Constitution Red states biggest givers HTML TEXT PDF
November 29, 2004 Growing your next big industry: Nanotechnology Small tech's big players HTML TEXT PDF
November 22, 2004 Scrutinizing the statehouse races States still counting...and recounting HTML TEXT PDF
November 15, 2004 With the election over, the race is on Grading state welfare reform HTML TEXT PDF
November 08, 2004 Statehouse races provide Democrats only sliver of solace Voters just say no to gay marriage HTML TEXT PDF
November 01, 2004 Voters take on the year's most explosive issues -- HTML TEXT PDF
October 25, 2004 The other national political race Legislative races a battle for control HTML TEXT PDF
October 18, 2004 Change will dominate 2004 governors' races Home values still bubbling upward HTML TEXT PDF
October 11, 2004 Will e-voting machines prevent Florida redux? Trailing the vote HTML TEXT PDF
October 04, 2004 Terrorism threat new roadblock for immigrant licenses Legislating terror defense HTML TEXT PDF
September 27, 2004 High court ruling adds to Bush woes -- HTML TEXT PDF
September 20, 2004 California voters face flood of ballot measures Assault weapons are back in most states HTML TEXT PDF
September 13, 2004 States vie with feds to set VOIP regulations Incomes stay stable HTML TEXT PDF
September 06, 2004 States struggle to rein in exotic wildlife The trade in lives HTML TEXT PDF
August 30, 2004 Tax holidays have big pros, bigger cons Sales tax holiday HTML TEXT PDF
August 23, 2004 McGreevey sits, New Jersey grinds on as both parties fume Death on the Highway HTML TEXT PDF
August 16, 2004 States use big bucks to lure Hollywood Statehouse Gender Gap? HTML TEXT PDF
August 09, 2004 Can Schwarzenegger Reshape CA Government? States adapting to a digital world HTML TEXT PDF
August 02, 2004 Democratic Governors Compete for National Spotlight Cheap government? HTML TEXT PDF
July 26, 2004 State Budgets Getting Better, But Future is Uncertain -- HTML TEXT PDF
July 19, 2004 Embryonic Stem Cell Research (part II): An Ethical and Political Dilemma High School Grads on the Rise HTML PDF
July 05, 2004 Embryonic Stem Cell Research (part I): A Cash Crop? Pondering stem cell research HTML
June 28, 2004 Life after Rowland Changing the constitution HTML
June 21, 2004 States vie with feds to stop spyware -- HTML
June 14, 2004 End nearing for Connecticut governor? -- HTML
June 07, 2004 Lawmakers struggle to control skyrocketing gas prices -- HTML
May 31, 2004 Court says states are the final word on assisted suicide Law loud and clear for deaf kids HTML
May 24, 2004 The case for full-time legislatures -- HTML
May 17, 2004 Who do you call when the freeway's a parking lot? -- HTML
May 10, 2004 Term limits reform movement wins two, loses one -- HTML PDF
May 03, 2004 -- -- PDF
April 26, 2004 -- -- PDF
April 19, 2004 -- -- PDF
April 12, 2004 -- -- PDF
April 05, 2004 -- -- PDF
March 29, 2004 -- -- PDF
March 22, 2004 -- -- PDF
March 15, 2004 -- -- PDF
March 08, 2004 -- -- PDF
March 01, 2004 -- -- PDF
Febrary 23, 2004 -- -- PDF
Febrary 16, 2004 -- -- PDF
Febrary 09, 2004 -- -- PDF
January 26, 2004 -- -- PDF
January 19, 2004 -- -- PDF
January 12, 2004 -- -- PDF