For Friday, 12/19/2014
OH House is in Regular Session. MA is in Informal Session. There are no states in Special Session.

In Regular Session:
In Special Session:
No states currently meeting in special session.

No Regular Sessions are scheduled to convene this week.

No Special Sessions are scheduled to convene this week.

NJ until 02/22/2014
MI until 12/30/2014
US until 01/02/2015
CA until 01/06/2015
IN until 01/06/2015
NY until 01/06/2015
ME until 01/07/2015
DE "c" until 01/13/2015
VA "a" until 01/13/2015

AR - Prefiling began: 11/17/2014
AZ - Prefiling began: 12/03/2014
CO - Drafting for 2015 began: 08/19/2014
FL - Prefiling for 2015 began: 07/24/2014
GA - Prefiling began: 11/17/2014
IA - Prefiling began: 12/12/2014
KS - Prefiling began: 11/07/2014
KY - BR filing for 2015 began: 05/30/2014
MO - Prefiling began: 12/01/2014
MT - Prefiling began: 11/17/2014
ND - Prefiling began: 12/09/2014
NH - LSR filing for 2015 began: 09/22/2014
NM - Prefiling began: 12/15/2014
NV - BDR Drafting for 2015 began: 07/14/2014
NY - Prefiling began: 12/17/2014
OK - Prefiling began: 11/18/2014
OR - Drafting for 2015 began: 09/02/2014
SC - Senate prefiling began: 12/3/2014, House: 12/11/14
TN - Prefiling began: 11/05/2014
TX - Prefiling began: 11/10/2014
UT - Prefiling began: 12/15/2014
VA - Prefiling for 2015 began: 7/21/2014
WA - Prefiling began: 12/02/2014
WY - Prefiling began: 12/02/2014

ND on 12/19/2014 Deadline for Legislators to prefile bills and resolution drafts.
MI on 12/30/2014 Sine Die Adjournment.
DC on 12/31/2014 Projected Adjournment.
OH on 12/31/2014 Projected adjournment.
CA on 01/01/2015 Statutes take effect (Art. IV, Sec. 8(c)).
CO on 01/02/2015 Filing one of each member's three bills requested prior to December 1 or December 15 with the house of introduction for printing, distribution to Legislative Council Staff for preparation of fiscal notes, and introduction on the 1st day.
US on 01/02/2015 Projected Adjournment Date for the House.
FL on 01/05/2015 Interim Committee Meetings.
MT on 01/05/2015 Session Convenes.
OH on 01/05/2015 Legislature Convenes.
RI on 01/05/2015 Projected Governor's Deadline.
WI on 01/05/2015 Convene Date.
CA on 01/06/2015 Legislature reconvenes (J.R. 51(a)(1)).
CO on 01/06/2015 Joint committees to meet with state departments to review strategic plans and regulatory agendas. The meeting are to occur between November 1 and the start of the session.
DC on 01/06/2015 Convene Date.
IN on 01/06/2015 Convene Date.
KY on 01/06/2015 Part I of the session convenes.
MA on 01/06/2015 Last day of the 2nd annual session and the 2013-14 biennium.
MA on 01/06/2015 2nd year of the 2013-2014 session adjourns.
MN on 01/06/2015 Legislature Convenes.
MS on 01/06/2015 Legislature convenes.
ND on 01/06/2015 Legislature convenes.
NH on 01/06/2015 Projected Governor's deadline.
OK on 01/06/2015 Session convenes for Organization.
PA on 01/06/2015 Legislature Convenes.
RI on 01/06/2015 Session Convenes.
US on 01/06/2015 Convene Date.
CO on 01/07/2015 1st Day of Session.
CT on 01/07/2015 Session Convenes.
MA on 01/07/2015 General Assembly Convenes.
MO on 01/07/2015 Session Begins.
NE on 01/07/2015 Legislature Convenes.
NH on 01/07/2015 Session Convenes.
NY on 01/07/2015 Session Adjourns Sine Die.
NY on 01/07/2015 Session Convenes.
VT on 01/07/2015 Session Convenes.
CO on 01/09/2015 Introducing the two remaining Senate bills requested prior to December 1 or December 15.
NH on 01/09/2015 Last day to sign-off on all LSRs.
CA on 01/10/2015 Budget Bill must be submitted by Governor (Art. IV, Sec. 12(a)).
AR on 01/12/2015 Legislature Convenes.
AZ on 01/12/2015 Legislature Convenes.
GA on 01/12/2015 General Assembly convenes.
IA on 01/12/2015 Legislature convenes.
ID on 01/12/2015 Legislature Convenes.
KS on 01/12/2015 Legislature Convenes.
KY on 01/12/2015 Recess. Bill drafts may be requested during this period for introduction when Part II convenes.
ND on 01/12/2015 No more than five bills may be introduced by each representative after this date.
OH on 01/12/2015 Projected governor's deadline.
WA on 01/12/2015 Session Convenes.
AL on 01/13/2015 Organizational Session begins.
CO on 01/13/2015 Introducing the two remaining House bills requested prior to December 1 or December 15 and for submitting remaining bill requests to the Office of Legislative Legal Services.
DE on 01/13/2015 First Day of Session.
NJ on 01/13/2015 Second year of the 13-14 legislative biennium convenes.
NJ on 01/13/2015 First year of the 13-14 legislative biennium adjourns.
SC on 01/13/2015 General Assembly Convenes.
SD on 01/13/2015 Session Opens 12 Noon (CT).
TN on 01/13/2015 Session Convenes.
TX on 01/13/2015 Legislature Convenes.
WY on 01/13/2015 Legislature convenes.
IL on 01/14/2015 99th General Assembly Convenes.
MD on 01/14/2015 Convene Date.
MI on 01/14/2015 Convene Date.
MS on 01/14/2015 Deadline for requests for general bills and constitutional amendments to be drafted.
NC on 01/14/2015 Legislature convenes - Organizational Session.
VA on 01/14/2015 Session Convenes.
WV on 01/14/2015 Session Convenes.
AZ on 01/15/2015 Seven bill introduction limitation begins in the House.
DC on 01/15/2015 Projected Mayor's Deadline.
US on 01/15/2015 President's deadline.
MA on 01/16/2015 Governor's deadline.

MI is projected to adjourn on 12/30/2014
OH is projected to adjourn on 12/31/2014
US is projected to adjourn on 01/02/2015
MA is projected to adjourn on 01/06/2015
NY is projected to adjourn on 01/07/2015
NJ is projected to adjourn on 01/12/2015
IL is projected to adjourn on 01/13/2015

Adjourned Sessions
AZ, DC, DE, DE "b", DE "d", DE "a", IL, IL "a", IL "b", NH, NJ "a", PA, PR, PR "a", PR "b", PR "c", RI

RI Governor's deadline is 01/05/2015.
PR "c" Governor's deadline is 01/09/2015.
DC Governor's deadline is 01/15/2015.
IL Governor's deadline is 03/04/2015.

Signing Deadlines Past
AZ, DE, DE "b", DE "d", DE "a", IL "a", IL "b", NJ "a", PA, PR, PR "a", PR "b"


Last WeekYear to DateProjected 2015 Volume
Prefiles 2353 14872 35000
Introductions 398 8698 151000
Enacts/Adopts 103 1770 40000

UPCOMING ELECTIONS (12/19/2014 - 01/09/2015):
12/30/2014 Iowa Special Election
Senate District 12

01/06/2015 Georgia Special Election
House Districts 50 and 120

01/06/2015 Iowa Special Election
House District 4

01/06/2015 Texas Special Election
House Districts 17 and 123
Senate District 26

01/06/2015 Virginia Special Election
House Districts 34 and 63

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